• Resume




    23 Sandy Gallery, Group show

    623 NE 23rd Avenue

    Portland, OR, USA




      Casa de la Noche, Dual show

             San Miguel de Allende,

        GTO, México




          Gallery Nord 2009, Solo Show

        Northwest Military Highway

      San Antonio, TX


           Angela Peralta Theater Lobby, Solo show

         San Miguel de Allende, Mexico




     Bella Arte Gallery, Group show

    3734 Winterfield Place

    Midlothian, Virginia


        San Miguel Artists, Group show

       Houston Premier

      741 E. 11th St

        Houston, Texas, USA



     Gallery 6, Group show

     Jardin Principal

      Mineral de Pozos, Gto, Mexico



          Theatro Angela Peralta, Group show

         San Miguel de Allende

        Gto, Mexico





          Casa de la Noche, Dual show

        San Miguel de Allende,

       GTO, México




  • Biography

    Nisha Ferguson was born in Ottawa Ontario Canada, where she lived until she moved to Woodstock New York at the age of 8.

    She moved back to Canada at the age of 15 to finish high school in Ottawa.

    She studied Painting, Illustration and Ceramics at The Art Center in Toronto and then became a ceramic artist with her husband Dan Ferguson. Together they are DaNisha Sculpture and have had a successful career in ceramics for the past 21 years.

    In 2001 they moved to San Miguel de Allende Mexico and continued to work as

    DaNisha Sculpture.

    As well Nisha founded and directs an aerial dance troupe called Gravityworks.  With all the color and movement both in the circus and in Mexico

    Nisha decided she wanted to paint again.

    Now she splits her time between the DaNisha Sculpture Studio in San Miguel and her painting garret on her ranch about 15 minutes outside of town.

    Nisha has had both international and national exhibitions; Countries include The United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico

  • Upcoming shows

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